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Skipper's Joy AQHA-55449 qhap1955sormareCOI(8): 6.420898%
Skipper W AQHA-7964 qhap1945sorCOI(7): 7.470703% Nick Shoemaker AQHA-1095 qhap1939pal Nick [Nick S] UQ0000108 qhap1926palCOI(5): 3.125% Sheik AQHA-11 qhap1918pal Peter McCue UR0000057 hbr1895dk bay
Pet (by Old Fred) UR0000654 qhap1914pal
Sylvia UR0000608 qhpr Bob H UR0001063 hbr1916ch
Babe UR0000609 qhpr
Slipalong Wiescamp AQHA-6335 qhx1934ch Lani Chief JC-59349 tb1927ch Little Chief TB0006518 tb1919bay
Roselani TB0001778 tb1924bay
Slippers UR0001498 qhpr1929ch Jiggs UR0000694 qhpr1925pal
Waggoner Mare UR0000346 qhpr
Hired Girl AQHA-6043 qhap1938pal Sooty palomino Cowboy AQHA-12 qh1922sor Yellow Jacket UR0000410 qhpr1908r dun Little Rondo UR0000108 qhpr1895blk
Barbee Dun UR0000726 qhpr1891dun
Roan Lady UR0001582 qhpr1918rro Stalks UR0000165 qhpr1911rro
Bonnie Wilkens UR0000280 qhpr
Leche UQ0000158 qhapcr Nick [Nick S] UQ0000108 qhap1926pal Sheik AQHA-11 qhap1918pal
Sylvia UR0000608 qhpr
Gold Digger UR0000507 qhprbuck/dun Yellow Jacket UR0000410 qhpr1908r dun
Mare by Yellow Wolf UR0000508 qhpr
Joy Ann AQHA-7532 qhap1944sorCOI(7): 3.027344% Gold Mount AQHA-2078 qh1940pal (reg. as dun) Brush Mount AQHA-15000 qhx1938pal (reg. as dun) Chimney Sweep TB0003885 tb1927bay Whisk Broom TB0002449 tb1907ch
Polly Flinders TB0000448 tb1912
Hula Dancer UQ0000244 qhpal Jiggs UR0000694 qhpr1925pal
Mare by Waggoner's Rainy Day UQ0000238 qh
Miss Helen AQHA-6331 qh1935pal Plaudit AQHA-1657 qhx1930pal King Plaudit TB0000405 tb1916br
Colorado Queen UR0000334 qhprpal
Headlight UR0000903 qhpr Old Joe UR0000083 qhpr1910ch
CS Mare by Young Cold Deck UR0000327 qhpr
Red Bird Shoemaker AQHA-5231 qhap1939bay Nick [Nick S] UQ0000108 qhap1926palCOI(5): 3.125% Sheik AQHA-11 qhap1918pal Peter McCue UR0000057 hbr1895dk bay
Pet (by Old Fred) UR0000654 qhap1914pal
Sylvia UR0000608 qhpr Bob H UR0001063 hbr1916ch
Babe UR0000609 qhpr
Plaudette UA0000200 app1931buck snowflake; splashed-white King Plaudit TB0000405 tb1916br Plaudit TB0000567 tb1895br
Wild Thistle TB0000861 tb1901ch
Coke Roberds Mare UA0000201 apppal Peter McCue UR0000057 hbr1895dk bay
Coke Roberds Mare UA0000202 apppal
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Nick [Nick S]UQ0000108 Peter McCueUR0000057 JiggsUR0000694 Waggoner MareUR0000346 Yellow JacketUR0000410 King PlauditTB0000405
RUNTIME: 0.0795 sec PER HORSE: 0.000184 sec CACHED QUERIES: 191 CACHED CALCULATIONS: 1  FULL GENERATIONS: 6 COMPLETENESS, AVAILABLE: 432/510 (84.7%) COMPLETENESS, ABSOLUTE: 398/510 (78%) COLLAPSE: 398 => 205 (ancestor loss: 48.5%)  PARENT RELATEDNESS (COR): 12.204065%
4.8339844% via Nick [Nick S] 0.5859375% via Peter McCue 0.53710938% via Old Fred 0.21972656% via Jiggs 0.14648438% via Waggoner Mare 0.061035156% via Queen Litze 0.02746582% via Jim Ned 0.0091552734% via Anson Mare
12.5%JiggsUR0000694 7.470703%Skipper WAQHA-7964 6.420898%Skipper's JoyAQHA-55449 3.125%Nick [Nick S]UQ0000108 3.027344%Joy AnnAQHA-7532
15.625%Nick [Nick S]UQ0000108(3x4) x (3) = 3x 6.640625%Peter McCueUR0000057(5x6x7[x2]) x (5[x2]x7) = 7x 6.640625%Old FredUR0000225(6[x2]x7[x4]) x (6[x3]x7[x3]) = 12x 3.125%JiggsUR0000694(5) x (5) = 2x 3.125%Waggoner MareUR0000346(5x6) x (6) = 3x 2.734375%Queen LitzeTB0002484(6x7[x2]) x (6x7) = 5x 1.5625%Jim NedUR0000085(7x8) x (7[x2]x8) = 5x 1.171875%Anson MareUR0000161(7x8) x (7x8) = 4x
4.6875%King PlauditTB0000405() x (4x5) = 2x 4.6875%Yellow JacketUR0000410(4x5) x () = 2x 2.34375%Lock's Rondo [Old Rondo]UR0000109(6[x2]x7[x2]) x () = 4x 1.5625%John WilkensUR0000169(6[x2]) x () = 2x 1.171875%Mare by Silver TailUR0000341() x (6x7) = 2x
66.67%regular/characteristics 33.33%solid/NC  * approximated using ApHC registration categories on current database listings; limited offspring with ApHC reg #s may give skewed results.
NameRegistrationBreedFoalyearSexColorPatternHYPPHERDAGBEDPSSM1MHSireSire RegSire breed
Senor Skip AQHA-63171 qhap1956S ch N/NSkipper WAQHA-7964qhap
Shirley Nick AQHA-35839 qhap1951M pal N/NNick WAQHA-14947qhap
Skip Ann AQHA-113501 qhap1959M sor N/NSkipper WAQHA-7964qhap
Skip's Fairy AQHA-334051 qhap1964M sor N/NSkipper's KingAQHA-48217qhap
Skipem AQHA-36351 qhap1952M sor N/NSkipper WAQHA-7964qhap
Skipity Skip AQHA-42412 qhap1953S sor N/NSkipper WAQHA-7964qhap
Spanish Joy AQHA-48220 qhap1954M pal N/NSpanish NickAQHA-15332qhap
NameRegistrationBreedFoalyearSexColorPatternHYPPHERDAGBEDPSSM1MHSireSire RegSire breed
Ediger's Cherub T24739 app1962M ch N/NTaylor's SundanceF1053app
Skip Joy AQHA-141478 qhap1960M sor N/NSir TeddyAQHA-55456qhap
Skipper-J-Plaudit T223562 app1974S ch N/NRed Plaudit#10191app

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