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G? Ole Heartache AQHA-920087 qh1973dk brmare?/NCOI(8): 3.45459%
G? Ole Heart AQHA-690153 qh1970ch?/NCOI(7): 0.1220703% The Ole Man AQHA-426041 qhx1963sor Three Bars JC-405248 tb1940chCOI(5): 0.390625% Percentage TB0001259 tb1923ch Midway TB0002093 tb1914ch
Gossip Avenue TB0002094 tb1918ch
Myrtle Dee JC-190812 tb1923blk Luke McLuke TB0002091 tb1911bay
Civil Maid TB0002092 tb1915bay
Chicado V AQHA-29689 qhx1950br Chicaro Bill AQHA-1297 qhx1930bay Chicaro TB0002481 tb1923bay
Verna Grace AQHA-1439 qh1926bay
Do Good AQHA-4864 qhx1938br St Louis UR0000472 hbr1930bay
Flossie AQHA-2419 qh1931br
G? Fair Facet AQHA-297353 qh1964ch?/N G? Fair King AQHA-102467 qh1958ch?/N G? Squeeky AQHA-17754 qh1947blk G? King AQHA-234 qh1932bay
Lady Scat AQHA-2806 qh1942bay
Fair Fleeta AQHA-55870 qh1954ch Chubby's Dusty AQHA-33321 qh1948ch
Fleeta S AQHA-5853 qh1944ch
Tater Face AQHA-83987 qh1958sor Tater Red AQHA-55233 qh1955ch French Fry AQHA-32714 qh1952bay
Mayflower Judy AQHA-30973 qh1951ch
Rose Martin AQHA-39843 qh1953ch Bald Martin AQHA-34171 qh1949ch
Amarillo Red Rose AQHA-25226 qh1947ch
G? Sangre Bars AQHA-604422 qhx1968bay?/NCOI(7): 0.04882812% Bold Bars AQHA-106368 qhx1957ch Three Bars JC-405248 tb1940chCOI(5): 0.390625% Percentage TB0001259 tb1923ch Midway TB0002093 tb1914ch
Gossip Avenue TB0002094 tb1918ch
Myrtle Dee JC-190812 tb1923blk Luke McLuke TB0002091 tb1911bay
Civil Maid TB0002092 tb1915bay
Bold Annie AQHA-231428 qhx1948sor Depth Charge TB0003068 tb1941br Bold Venture TB0003592 tb1933ch
Quickly TB0003593 tb1930blk
Lady Ann UR0001275 hbr1941bay Prepstep TB0002243 tb1929ch
Lady Twigg UR0001276 hbr
G? Sangre Gal AQHA-103939 qh1957bay?/N Illini King AQHA-43195 qh1952ch King Hand AQHA-27406 qh1949ch Hired Hand AQHA-2495 qh1943ch
Winny De Beto AQHA-6488 qh1939ch
Peppy Mack Medias AQHA-17261 qh1946ch Peppy AQHA-212 qh1934ch
Mack Medias AQHA-6463 qh1940ch
G? Big Success AQHA-97245 qh1954br?/N G? King Jacket AQHA-45714 qh1952pal G? L H Chock AQHA-9319 qh1944ch
Lady Blackburn IV AQHA-2552 qh1939pal
Evans' Alibi AQHA-89040 qh1950sor Happy Jack McCue AQHA-1366 qh1940br
Silver Fish AQHA-70612 qh1940ch
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Three BarsJC-405248 ChicaroTB0002481 KingAQHA-234
RUNTIME: 0.1132 sec PER HORSE: 0.000227 sec CACHED QUERIES: 141 CACHED CALCULATIONS: 0  FULL GENERATIONS: 7 COMPLETENESS, AVAILABLE: 499/510 (97.8%) COMPLETENESS, ABSOLUTE: 468/510 (91.8%) COLLAPSE: 468 => 327 (ancestor loss: 30.1%)  PARENT RELATEDNESS (COR): 6.9032814%
3.137207% via Three Bars 0.10070801% via King 0.048828125% via Chicaro 0.036621094% via Yellow Jacket 0.030517578% via Little Joe 0.02746582% via Ultimus 0.018310547% via Jack McCue 0.015258789% via Peter McCue 0.012207031% via Ballot 0.0091552734% via Commando 0.0061035156% via Voter 0.0061035156% via Running Stream 0.0030517578% via Ayrshire 0.0030517578% via Broomstick
12.5%UltimusTB0002098 3.45459%Ole HeartacheAQHA-920087 3.125%KingAQHA-234 0.390625%Three BarsJC-405248 0.1220703%Ole HeartAQHA-690153 0.04882812%Sangre BarsAQHA-604422
12.5%Three BarsJC-405248(3) x (3) = 2x 2.34375%KingAQHA-234(5) x (6) = 2x 1.953125%ChicaroTB0002481(5) x (7) = 2x 1.953125%UltimusTB0002098(6) x (6x7) = 3x 1.757812%BallotTB0002113(6) x (6x8) = 3x 1.5625%SandflyTB0003579(7[x2]) x (7[x2]) = 4x 1.5625%Little JoeUR0000075(6x7) x (8[x2]) = 4x 1.367188%Jack McCueUR0000471(8) x (6x7) = 3x 1.367188%Yellow JacketUR0000410(8[x3]) x (7[x2]) = 5x 1.171875%Running StreamTB0003338(7) x (7x8[x2]) = 4x 1.171875%CommandoTB0003566(7x8) x (7x8) = 4x 1.171875%DominoTB0002662(8[x3]) x (8[x3]) = 6x 1.171875%Peter McCueUR0000057(8) x (7x8[x3]) = 5x 0.9765625%VoterTB0002752(7) x (7x8) = 3x 0.390625%AyrshireTB0003028(8) x (8) = 2x 0.390625%BroomstickTB0002456(8) x (8) = 2x
2.539062%Old SorrelAQHA-209() x (6x7[x2]x8[x5]) = 8x 1.757812%ChubbyAQHA-656(6[x2]x8) x () = 3x 1.5625%Amarillo MissAQHA-25225(6[x2]) x () = 2x 1.171875%Yellow BoyAQHA-18(7[x2]x8[x2]) x () = 4x 1.171875%Old FlossieUR0000473(6x7) x () = 2x 1.171875%Waggoner MareUR0000346() x (7[x3]) = 3x 0.78125%CardinalUQ0000080() x (7[x2]) = 2x 0.78125%TravelerUR0000076(7x8[x2]) x () = 3x 0.5859375%Old JimAQHA-10(7x8) x () = 2x 0.5859375%Line UpTB0006925(7x8) x () = 2x 0.5859375%Billy McCue [Blain Barnes]UR0000854(7x8) x () = 2x 0.390625%Moss KingUR0000921(8[x2]) x () = 2x
66.67%regular/characteristics 33.33%solid/NC  * approximated using ApHC registration categories on current database listings; limited offspring with ApHC reg #s may give skewed results.
NameRegistrationBreedFoalyearSexColorPatternHYPPHERDAGBEDPSSM1MHSireSire RegSire breed
Lady Pok-A-Son T292852 app1977M N/N?/NAbdull's Pok-A-Son#143460app
Miss Pok-A-Bars BN338509 app1980M solid N/N?/NAbdull's Pok-A-Son#143460app
Princes Joy of CW T357754 app1981M ch ro near leopard N/N?/N?/NPrince Tip Top#198676app

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