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Skip She Bars AQHA-431532 qhap1966sormareCOI(8): 9.072876%
St Three Bar AQHA-270233 qhap1961blk St Bar D JC-530449 tb1953bay Three Bars JC-405248 tb1940ch Percentage TB0001259 tb1923ch Midway TB0002093 tb1914ch
Gossip Avenue TB0002094 tb1918ch
Myrtle Dee JC-190812 tb1923blk Luke McLuke TB0002091 tb1911bay
Civil Maid TB0002092 tb1915bay
Little Victory JC-8955715 tb1942blk King of Speed TB0004533 tb1938ch King O'Neill II TB0005963 tb1921ch
Speedwell TB0004311 tb1924ch
Little Speedy TB0004555 tb1934blk Coventry TB0002744 tb1922blk
Speedwell TB0004311 tb1924ch
Skip Mama AQHA-63503 qhap1956ch Skipper's Lad AQHA-36881 qhap1952sor Skipper W AQHA-7964 qhap1945sor Nick Shoemaker AQHA-1095 qhap1939pal
Hired Girl AQHA-6043 qhap1938pal
Miss Helen AQHA-6331 qh1935pal Plaudit AQHA-1657 qhx1930pal
Headlight UR0000903 qhpr
School Mama AQHA-40850 qhap1951buck (reg. as dun) Nick W AQHA-14947 qhap1946buck Nick Shoemaker AQHA-1095 qhap1939pal
Cimarroncita AQHA-3525 qh1937bay
South Wind AQHA-6338 qhap1942buck Brujo UQ0000059 qh
Leche UQ0000158 qhapcr
Shirley Skip AQHA-215259 qhap1962palCOI(7): 10.37598% Skipper W AQHA-7964 qhap1945sorCOI(6): 7.470703% Nick Shoemaker AQHA-1095 qhap1939palCOI(5): 1.953125% Nick [Nick S] UQ0000108 qhap1926pal Sheik AQHA-11 qhap1918pal
Sylvia UR0000608 qhpr
Slipalong Wiescamp AQHA-6335 qhx1934ch Lani Chief JC-59349 tb1927ch
Slippers UR0001498 qhpr1929ch
Hired Girl AQHA-6043 qhap1938pal Sooty palomino Cowboy AQHA-12 qh1922sor Yellow Jacket UR0000410 qhpr1908r dun
Roan Lady UR0001582 qhpr1918rro
Leche UQ0000158 qhapcr Nick [Nick S] UQ0000108 qhap1926pal
Gold Digger UR0000507 qhprbuck/dun
Shirley Nick AQHA-35839 qhap1951pal Nick W AQHA-14947 qhap1946buck (reg. as dun) COI(5): 0.390625% Nick Shoemaker AQHA-1095 qhap1939pal Nick [Nick S] UQ0000108 qhap1926pal
Slipalong Wiescamp AQHA-6335 qhx1934ch
Cimarroncita AQHA-3525 qh1937bay Plaudit AQHA-1657 qhx1930pal
Valley Queen UR0001475 qhpr
Joy Ann AQHA-7532 qhap1944sor Gold Mount AQHA-2078 qh1940pal Brush Mount AQHA-15000 qhx1938pal
Miss Helen AQHA-6331 qh1935pal
Red Bird Shoemaker AQHA-5231 qhap1939bay Nick [Nick S] UQ0000108 qhap1926pal
Plaudette UA0000200 app1931buck
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SpeedwellTB0004311 Skipper WAQHA-7964 Nick ShoemakerAQHA-1095 Miss HelenAQHA-6331 PlauditAQHA-1657 Nick WAQHA-14947 LecheUQ0000158 Nick [Nick S]UQ0000108 Yellow JacketUR0000410
RUNTIME: 0.0904 sec PER HORSE: 0.000192 sec CACHED QUERIES: 218 CACHED CALCULATIONS: 4  FULL GENERATIONS: 6 COMPLETENESS, AVAILABLE: 470/510 (92.2%) COMPLETENESS, ABSOLUTE: 450/510 (88.2%) COLLAPSE: 450 => 220 (ancestor loss: 51.1%)  PARENT RELATEDNESS (COR): 17.271804%
3.3584595% via Skipper W 1.5930176% via Nick Shoemaker 1.5686035% via Nick W 0.90637207% via Nick [Nick S] 0.390625% via Plaudit 0.390625% via Miss Helen 0.390625% via Leche 0.09765625% via King Plaudit 0.073242188% via Peter McCue 0.067138672% via Old Fred 0.061035156% via Bob H 0.054931641% via Yellow Jacket 0.036621094% via CS Mare 0.033569336% via Waggoner Mare 0.030517578% via Old Joe 0.01373291% via Jiggs 0.0030517578% via Jim Ned 0.0030517578% via Queen Litze
12.5%JiggsUR0000694 12.5%Yellow JacketUR0000410 10.37598%Shirley SkipAQHA-215259 9.072876%Skip She BarsAQHA-431532 7.470703%Skipper WAQHA-7964 3.125%Nick [Nick S]UQ0000108 1.953125%Nick ShoemakerAQHA-1095 0.390625%Nick WAQHA-14947
15.625%Skipper WAQHA-7964(4) x (2) = 2x 12.5%Nick ShoemakerAQHA-1095(5[x2]) x (3x4) = 4x 10.54688%Nick [Nick S]UQ0000108(6[x3]x7) x (4x5[x3]) = 8x 9.375%Nick WAQHA-14947(4) x (3) = 2x 5.46875%LecheUQ0000158(5x6) x (4) = 3x 5.46875%PlauditAQHA-1657(5x6[x2]) x (5x6) = 5x 4.6875%Miss HelenAQHA-6331(4) x (5) = 2x 3.515625%Peter McCueUR0000057(8[x4]) x (6x7[x4]x8[x2]) = 11x 3.515625%King PlauditTB0000405(6x7[x2]) x (6[x2]x7) = 6x 3.320312%Yellow JacketUR0000410(7[x2]x8) x (5x6) = 5x 3.125%Old FredUR0000225(8[x2]) x (7[x2]x8[x10]) = 14x 2.929688%Bob HUR0001063(7x8[x3]) x (6x7[x3]) = 8x 2.34375%Waggoner MareUR0000346(8[x3]) x (6x7[x2]x8) = 7x 1.953125%CS MareUR0000080(7[x2]) x (6x8[x2]) = 5x 1.953125%JiggsUR0000694(8[x2]) x (6x7[x2]) = 5x 1.757812%Old JoeUR0000083(6x8) x (7[x2]) = 4x 1.757812%Mare by Silver TailUR0000341(7x8[x3]) x (7x8[x2]) = 7x 1.367188%Queen LitzeTB0002484(8) x (7x8[x4]) = 6x 0.390625%Jim NedUR0000085(8) x (8) = 2x
3.125%SpeedwellTB0004311(5[x2]) x () = 2x 1.171875%Lock's Rondo [Old Rondo]UR0000109() x (7[x2]x8[x2]) = 4x 0.78125%SandflyTB0003579(7[x2]) x () = 2x 0.78125%John WilkensUR0000169() x (7[x2]) = 2x 0.5859375%DominoTB0002662(8[x3]) x () = 3x 0.390625%Star ShootTB0002724(8[x2]) x () = 2x
33.33%regular/characteristics 66.67%solid/NC  * approximated using ApHC registration categories on current database listings; limited offspring with ApHC reg #s may give skewed results.
NameRegistrationBreedFoalyearSexColorPatternHYPPHERDAGBEDPSSM1MHSireSire RegSire breed
DF Bright Rex #184896 appG
DF Skip's Ribbon BT274907 appM characteristics N/NRed Dog's Ribbon#73657app
Prince W T150073 app1971S leopard N/NPrince Plaudit#55156app
Prince's Chyleen #164090 app1972M ch near leopard N/NPrince Plaudit#55156app
NameRegistrationBreedFoalyearSexColorPatternHYPPHERDAGBEDPSSM1MHSireSire RegSire breed
Prince's Diamond Brite ID12131 app1970M ch solid N/NPrince Plaudit#55156app
Princess Freedom T254488 app1977M ch N/NPrince's Diamond Jim#133525app
Skipper's Dynamite PC246 appM sor solid N/NPrince's SkipperT95518app

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