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Welcome! Last update: November 1, 2015.
  • Added basic info for many of the 2015 World/National Show entries.
  • Foundation Appaloosa Association (FAA) numbers added to ALPHA search page (below).
For those interested in FAHR, FPD, and GAP info... check out the link below. Inbreeding coefficients (COI/COR), offspring, and links to similarly-bred horses are there, too. Same for (beta) hypothetical matings.

Still way behind on emails, switched computers and too much spam... sorry! But please, do check out the recent updates below!


Just started adding a little bit of PSSM1, HERDA, GBED, MH info to the pedigrees...
Do you like where I'm going with it? What else do you want to see? I'll get the tail male/female lines back on the pedigrees and cleaned up page links for big search result sets.

I'd really like to do more tracking of color/pattern/health genetics, maybe even shuffling across the various Appaloosa lines... just need some more resources and time!

I'd love to put a bunch of photos back online, but that takes storage space... anyont want to donate some $$$ for the cause?

I could really use a lot more help tracking down ApHCC numbers and pedigrees!

As always, thanks for all the recent helpful emails, and pre-apologies if I don't respond immediately.

P.S. A continutal thank you to Kaye Phelps for loaning me ApHC Studbook #1 8(?!) years ago; I haven't forgotten, it was just buried for a while after college...

The Appaloosa Pedigree Database is a collection of bloodline information for over 115,000 horses. It's a work in progress and there's still a lot of information that needs to be filled in; hopefully, you'll be able to find information on at least a couple horses.

This page's creation was inspired over a decade ago, while researching the pedigree of my first horse, Princes Joy of CW. A truly versatile, hardy horse, she passed away in 2011, just shy of her 30th birthday. Joy will be missed by lots of people; she won over quite a few to the Appaloosa breed. See a pic of Joy from the week before. Not too bad looking for an old girl!

Some important notes:
This site is NOT affiliated with any breed association, such as the ApHC, ICAA, AApA, CRHA, etc. While every effort is made to ensure that pedigrees in the database are correct, for official pedigrees, please contact the appropriate breed association.

Horses of Appaloosa descent are highlighted in boldface in the pedigrees. Yes, this actually includes several AQHA horses!

Some horses are listed with 'registration' numbers of the format AP0000000 or similar - these are NOT actual registration numbers, but are tracking IDs for horses whose real registration numbers are either unknown or unavailable. If you know the REAL registration number for one of these horses, please let me know!

This site is free to use, and will always remain that way. However, I will gladly accept any donations! Contact me if interested; I do have PayPal.

Q: What is an Appaloosa?
A: The Appaloosa is a breed of horse developed in the northwest U.S. by the Nez Perce tribe. Best known for its uniquely spotted coat, the Appaloosa is a versatile, athletic, level-headed horse. For more information, check out:

Searching the Database:
  • Use '%' as a wildcard to match any number of characters
  • Searching by name automatically appends '%' to your search, so entering the first few letters of a horse's name is usually sufficient for narrowing the search down.
  • After searching, a listing of horses will be returned. Clicking on a horse's name will then generate a pedigree (the number of generations determined by your search selection).
  • The pedigree displays a horse's registration number, foal year, color, sex, and bloodlines, with links to a pedigree for each of the horse's ancestors. There are links to that horse's photo (if available) and all offspring listed in the database.

If you have any questions/concerns or can help add some info, email Jen Knutson at